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DVL Accounting is a small accounting practice located in the rapidly growing suburb of Waterford West in SE Queensland. Being a small accounting firm allows us to offer our clients great personalised service. Our focus is to help each client achieve their individual and/or business goals.

At DVL Accounting we believe foremost in offering great customer satisfaction. Information these days’ needs to be presented in a timely and accurate manner, phone calls returned promptly and questions that need answered, answered sooner rather than later. DVL Accounting offers this support and service within a very professional and supportive environment.

Our mission is to ensure a trusted and friendly relationship flourishes between us and our clients. At DVL Accounting we provide a proactive approach to running our practice – we ensure the right information is at your fingertips at the right time. Being proactive instead of reactive gives you the right tools and knowledge to allow your business to grow faster and be more profitable than your competitors. And what’s more, it takes the stress of compliance and ATO deadlines off you.

DVL Accounting has extensive knowledge in all facets of accounting and taxation work, whether it be an individual tax return that needs completing, tax and compliance work for a small-to-medium size business, to preparing accounts or auditing a SMSF.


We have over 13 years’ experience in the accounting and taxation business. We specialise in small to medium sized businesses, including family businesses. We are members of CPA Australia, The Tax Institute and Taxpayers Australia. Therefore, our clients are guaranteed the upmost professionalism and ethical standards. We are also registered tax agents. Therefore, our clients know that they are dealing with the right people in the business of taxation. This means, our clients can enjoy and utilise the services of a tax professionals with peace of mind and that they are getting the right tax advice. Apart from being members of respected accounting and tax professional bodies and regulators, our team members are also degree qualified accountants at minimum.

  1. We pledge to provide Personalised service for our
  2. Our clients are served by mature and professional
  3. We have a good understanding of the common problems of small Initial meeting is free
  4. We seek to educate and empower our clients.
  5. There is no job too big or too
  6. Our billing is upfront, transparent and
  7. We take advantage of technology to improve
  8. We are certified cloud accountant.

We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses. This includes a new business starting out, to a business that is growing and when a business wants to transition the next generation to take over the business. We are committed to working with our clients to help them create wealth and achieving financial freedom. We are actively involved in all aspects of our client’s business. This can range from bookkeeping, compliance work, value added services, payroll and internal CFO services.

We believe there is no one size fits all. We work with our clients in achieving a mutually agreed fee on our services. We can provide a fixed fee or we can also provide a monthly instalment fee that can assist our clients with their cashflow. The main objective is for our client to find value in our services.

Our pricing is tailored to our client’s specific business needs and goals. Our client’s are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to work with them and their business. Therefore, we seek to provide value for money. Compliance work such as preparing and lodging an income tax return are considered non value added services. Our clients lodge their income tax returns, because it is a requirement of the tax man. It does not necessarily add any value to their business. At DVL Accounting, we aim to add value to our clients by identifying problems that their business faces on a day to day operation; and finding solutions to those problems. We also work closely with our clients to also identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in their business. This requires monitoring and analysing the numbers.

As a member of CPA Australia and the Tax Agents Board Australia, it is a requirement that we have professional indemnity insurance. This also means that all our work is of a high quality standard set out by the professional bodies.

We have been in the profession and industry for over 13 years. We have rigorous training and professional development guidelines that we must adhere to, in order to maintain our professional status and licence to practice in our chosen field. We are not only accountable to our clients, but also to the profession. Therefore, we must always act with integrity and high ethical standards.

Helping small businesses start up their business, running it, growing it and most of all; being apart of the process. We believe in regular contact and timely advice for all our clients.

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